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Singles Dart League Summary:


The Summer 2022 season is currently underway. 20 players across 2 divisions are competing for the title in this historic 1st season.  This is a rolling schedule season, meaning that each player has a list of 4 other players to schedule their own matches with for each of the 2 sessions by their deadlines.  Each division has their own format of play consisting of both 501 and Cricket.


Singles Darts Important Dates:

Our 1st Season Summer 2022 started on June 1st

Mandalorian Division Dates:

Session 1 ends: July 14th

Session 2 ends: August 15th

Regular Season Final Matches: August 15th & 16th

Obi-Wan Kenobi Division Dates:

Session 1 ends: July 11th

Session 2 ends: August 8th

Regular Season Final Matches: August 8th & 9th



Rolling Schedule ~ Matches are scheduled between player and opponent by given deadlines.

Each Match will consist of a combination of 501 and Cricket.

1 Point Awarded for each leg of the match




Points for each leg of every match accumulate throughout the entire regular season 


Final Matches of the Regular Season:


  • Monday August 8th - Billy vs. Jack - Chris M vs. Aaron - Dave vs. Chris

  • Tuesday August 9th - Donnie vs. Avery - Jeremy L vs Peder

  • Monday August 15th - Alisha vs. Josh - Tracy vs. Sean - Tom P vs. Lyda

  • Tuesday August 16th - David S vs. Brian B - Anthony O vs. A. Cass


Past Champions:


None - Yet...

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