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Cribbage League

Cribbage League Summary:


The Fall 2023 season is currently underway with our 15th season. Each year Cribbage has two seasons, Fall (Sept-Dec) & Winter/Spring (Jan-Apr). Each match involves playing an opponent 4 times with points awarded for wins, skunks and double skunks. Cribbages implements a rolling schedule where players have about 3-4 weeks to play 3-4 matches. They schedule their own matches between themselves and end the season with one final match on Pizza Night, the league’s season finale.


Peder W is the Cribbage G.O.A.T. winning the Silver Board (Regular Season Champ) 11 out of 13 seasons and the Gold Board (League Champion) 6 out of 13 seasons.  

Winter 2023 Gold Champion- Joe Pollizzia

Winter 2023 Silver Champion- Peder Wonson


Cribbage Important Dates:

Our Newest Season the Fall 2023 starts on September 27, 2023



Rolling Schedule ~ Matches are scheduled between player and opponent by given deadlines.

Each Match will consist of 4 games of cribbage.

Point(s) Award for:

  • Win - 1 point

  • Skunk - 2 points

  • Double Skunk - 3 points




Points accumulate throughout the season. About ⅔ make the playoffs depending on the number of players


Pizza Night:


  • All players play on a Monday Night to end the regular season.

  • Once Pizza Night is over, the Playoffs begin

  • Night is similar to the last week in the NFL where everyone jockeying for position on the final day.

  • A Pizza Party is also held that night to celebrate the season.


Past Champions:


Gold Board 

League Champion

Spring 2015: Nick P.

Fall 2015: Bob T.

Winter 2016: Joe P.

Fall 2016: Peder W.

Winter 2017: Peder W.

Fall 2017: Peder W.

Winter 2018: Peder W.

Fall 2018: Nick P

Winter 2019: Peder W.

Fall 2019: TJ P

Spring 2020 : Peder W 

Winter 2022 : Scott Brown

Winter 2023 : Joe Pollizzia
Spring 2024: Shane V


Silver Board:

Regular Season Champion


Spring 2015: Bob T.

Fall 2015: Peder W.

Winter 2016: Peder W.

Fall 2016: Peder W.

Winter 2017: Peder W.

Fall 2017: Peder W.

Winter 2018: Peder W.

Fall 2018: Peder W.

Winter 2019: Peder W.

Fall 2019: Peder W.

Spring 2020  : Joe P

Winter 2022 : Peder W

Winter 2023 : Peder W

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